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Why just purchased back the mute terminal machine will be fixed poorly?

Author:Dongguan julun Machinery Co., Ltd. View:0 Time:2021-07-23

Many customers have worries when purchasing silent terminal machines. They worry that the timing of silent terminal machines presents various unpredictable problems. Among them, there may also be problems with poor fixing of silent terminal machines. The situation, then, let's take a look at the reasons for the poor fixing of the silent terminal machine with Julun Machinery. Question: Has the mute terminal machine you purchased ever showed such a situation?

Poor fixation: The insulator not only provides insulation, but also provides centering and maintenance for the protruding touch parts. It also has device positioning and locks and fixes on the equipment. Function.

Poor fixation, lighter ones will affect the touch reliability and cause instantaneous power failure, the more serious is the product crash. Crash refers to the abnormal separation between the plug and the socket, and between the pin and the socket due to the unreliable structure of the connection terminal in the plug-in state due to data, planning, process and other reasons, which will cause the control system computer to strip the wire The serious consequences of the interruption of electrical energy transmission and signal control.

Because of unreliable planning, wrong material selection, improper selection of molding process, poor quality of heat treatment, mold, assembly, welding, etc., poor assembly, etc., will cause poor fixation.

In addition, due to plating peeling, corrosion, bruising, plastic shell flashing, cracking, rough processing of touch parts, deformation and other reasons, the appearance is poor, because of the positioning and locking fit Poor interchangeability caused by excessive size, poor consistency in processing quality, and excessive total separation force are also common and frequently-occurring diseases. These types of faults can generally be found and removed in time during inspection and use.

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