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              Contact Person: Miss Wang

              Phone: 15999898070

              Telephone: 0769-87883409

              Email: cl-tk@chulun.com.tw

              Address: Room 101, Building 4, No.8 Qinghe Road, Huangjingkeng, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province


              Xi'an special price super quiet terminal machine

              Author:Dongguan julun Machinery Co., Ltd. View:0 Time:2021-07-24

              Xi’an SpecialsUltra-quiet terminal machine

              Automatic terminal machine is one of the products we use more, but there is another product that is semi-automatic terminal It means that half of this kind of products is also required manual. The two are different terminal machine equipment, so the working methods are also different. It can be said that the difference is still quite big, but we have Have you understood the main difference between the automatic terminal machine and the semi-automatic terminal machine?


              What are the precautions when using Xi’an special ultra-quiet terminal machine, mute terminal machine, mute terminal machine, terminal machine is often connected, it may be the terminal machine, the motherboard of the terminal machine or the inverter is broken We still need professional personnel to repair. Dongguan Julun Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wire harness processing equipment. The main products are: automatic terminal crimping machine (single-head / double-head / tinning), computer wire cutting, peeling and twisting machine , Silent terminal crimping machine, even stripping high-speed silent terminal machine, terminal machine mold, blade and mechanical accessories and other wire harness processing equipment.



              1. The automatic terminal machine is fully intelligent and automatic. It integrates integrated circuits, servers, manipulators, detection signals, and integrates all the production processes of wire processing into one power supply Line processing equipment. A lot of manual operations can be saved during operation, only the operation method needs to be set, and a work signal is given to the server. This signal will be transmitted to the work drive motor through a series of components, and then the work can be started and stopped. The entire work process is completed automatically, so work efficiency is higher and manpower can be saved.

              Xi’an special offer ultra-quiet terminal machine, automatic terminal machine, automatic terminal machine or semi-automatic terminal machine, which is more stable? It is said that the stable semi-automatic terminal machine is more stable than the fully automatic terminal machine, but the fully automatic one is more efficient. This also depends on the type of terminal. Dongguan Julun Machinery Co., Ltd. has been working on the terminal machine for decades. Fully automatic terminal The performance of the machine is still very stable. For many cooperative companies, we have been providing them with long-term technical support.



              Xi’an special ultra-quiet terminal machine

              2. Semi-automatic terminal machine is a more common terminal machine equipment, we all refer to it collectively as terminal machine. Semi-automatic terminal machine used to be the most used equipment on the market because of its strong applicability. The semi-automatic terminal machine is controlled by a foot-operated power-off clutch device through manual foot-stepping to control the machine's terminal action. The processing action of the semi-automatic terminal machine is single, as long as the terminal is tapped, and the wire material also requires manual separation and wire feeding. The work efficiency is lower than that of the automatic terminal machine.



              Xi’an special ultra-quiet terminal machine semi-automatic terminal machine features: semi-automatic terminal machine wire processing project requires manual participation, suitable for a variety of complex shielded wire, multi-core Wire, and perform the terminal step separately. The terminal machine and the automatic terminal machine have the same points: simple operation and quick use, which are different from the previous manual crimping method, which greatly improves the production efficiency. Improve production capacity for the factory. At the same time, it also saves a lot of costs for the factory. Dongguan Julun Machinery Co., Ltd. is at your service. Consulting Tel: 0769-87883409



              Because the price of fully automatic terminal machines is higher than that of semi-automatic terminal machines, most of the terminal machines of many companies are still semi-automatic terminal machines. However, with the progress of the times, fully automatic terminal machines have become the core equipment of automated wire processing enterprises. Following the development of enterprises, fully automatic terminal machines will gradually replace semi-automatic terminal machines. This is the future direction of the enterprise.

              Xi’an special ultra-quiet terminal machine



              Fully automatic single-head crimping and single-head wire twisting and soldering terminal machine, using plc or single-chip control, this type of pressure monitoring can achieve about 4000pcs of wire cutting per hour, thin skin , Single-ended crimping terminal, single-ended twisted wire + soldering flux + dipping tin, can automatically detect the quality of terminal crimping, is currently one of the most highly automated terminal machines in the domestic market, full-automatic double-ended crimping著terminal machine. Using plc or single-chip microcomputer control, this type of domestic equipment can realize about 4500pcs of wire cutting, thin skin, double-ended crimping terminals per hour, and can automatically detect the crimping quality of the terminals with extremely high accuracy


              If you need these two products or terminal molds, terminal copper strips, piercing terminals, automatic pipe cutting machines and other mechanical equipment, you can contact our semi-automatic terminal machine manufacturer , Welcome our calls.





              When the Xi’an special ultra-quiet terminal machine has problems with the terminal machine, if it is an external problem, you can solve it by yourself, but if it is a part designed into the inside, you need to disassemble the terminal machine It can be repaired. At this time, you need to ask a professional to deal with it. Under normal circumstances, non-designated personnel and non-professional personnel are not allowed to disassemble without permission. The body parts of the body, including the fingers that enter the punching range, may be dangerous. When we are working, we encounter the need to replace the terminal machine. At this time, the power supply should be disconnected before the terminal machine and work can be replaced. Replacement is not allowed when the terminal machine is running, which is very dangerous.

              Xi’an special ultra-quiet terminal machine

              Xi’an special ultra-quiet terminal machine


              We provide more than simple production equipmentpressure monitoring, but also to carry out the technical guidance of processing, teaching guidance of on-site craftsmanship. For the current Dongguan ultra-fine coaxial line processing laser where is there a wire stripping machine. The laser wire stripping machine uses laser to strip the wire, which is the laser in the material. The processing of ultra-fine coaxial wire laser wire stripping belongs to the micro processing technology. Improve customer output and product qualification rate. The ultra-fine coaxial line laser wire stripping machine, the ultra-fine coaxial line processing technology belongs to the micro-processing technology,

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