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              Contact Person: Miss Wang

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              Jining stock intelligent terminal machine

              Author:Dongguan julun Machinery Co., Ltd. View:0 Time:2021-07-24

              Jining spot smart terminal machine

              Terminal machine, a multi-function machine integrating feeding, cutting, stripping, and end pressing, humanized and intelligent high-end technical products, suitable for large, medium and small companies , Save labor. Chinese touch screen display settings, wire processing size, knife depth, terminal orientation...simplified, easy to learn and understand, repair consumables cost low. It can quickly and effectively increase production power, reduce labor costs, increase the company's profitability, and bring a certain boost to the company's livelihood development.




              Jining’s stock smart terminal machine realizes "ultra-high-speed processing" of fully automatic crimping at both ends of 9000 pieces per hour! Equipped with standard equipment for pressure testing! Ultra-quiet terminal machine"simple|small" has unprecedented performance and amazing processing capabilities, It is a next-generation fully automatic crimping machine that has completely changed the concept of wire processing machines. This model has original ideas and creations, which not only improves the performance of the machine, but also reduces the burden on the operators through the simplification of operating procedures and die exchange. In addition, from the operator's point of view, the ultra-quiet terminal machine has greatly reduced the size and realized the miniaturization of the accessories, saving space.

              Full-active terminal machine: a terminal machine that combines a server (silent type). Its operating principle is different from the usual terminal machine, only one is needed for the server Information, this information is then transmitted to the motor, and the all-active terminal machine can perform an action. All assignments are automatically completed,

              Jining spot smart terminal machine failure: the length of the wire cut is inconsistent. A: The wire feed wheel is pressed too tightly or too loosely. Countermeasure: Adjust the straightening machine so that it can be straightened and sent out smoothly. Professional customized terminal machine and Fully automatic terminal machineThere are two differences. The first is the characteristics of the automatic terminal machine: the automatic terminal machine is an automatic machine that integrates wire feeding, wire cutting, stripping, terminal punching and other chemical machinery. The automatic terminal machine was developed and manufactured in Japan as early as, the operator only needs to touch the screen button to send information to the server, and then to the motor. The fully automatic terminal machine can complete all actions such as wire feeding, wire cutting, stripping, and terminal tapping within one second. As a humanized and intelligent high-end technology product, the automatic terminal machine is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises that need to use wire harnesses. It can save a lot of labor and is several times more efficient than semi-automatic terminal machines.

              Professional custom terminal machine debugging is mainly mold debugging, and this part of the mold is divided into feeding and blade debugging. Generally speaking, professional custom terminal machine blades have 4 blades, which are divided into knives. 2 pieces, 2 pieces of the lower knife, the upper knife is divided into the inner knife and the outer knife, and the ultra-quiet terminal machine is the same as the lower knife. You understand that the next step of debugging will be much easier. You must perform manual debugging. One is safe, but also We can see whether the crimped terminal meets the requirements by manual debugging. The terminal crimping grid mainly depends on the crimped copper wire. Because this is conductive, it is critical. If it is too tight, the copper wire will be crushed or broken. The blade will be directly interrupted, and the terminal and wire will easily fall off if it is loosened. Please do it more. I think you will be familiar with this one.




              Semi-active terminal machine: usually called terminal machine, which is the kind of vertical desktop terminal machine that we often see in shopping malls nowadays, this kind of terminal machine They all have a pedal-operated power-off clutch. When the terminal machine is running, its motor is constantly running. Each time the pedal is stepped on, it will give an “O” power-off signal to stop the operation. The price of all active terminal machines will be much lower.


              Jining’s stock smart terminal machine is equipped with professional customized terminal machines that need to be printed. Use an inner hexagon wrench to adjust the feed pressure plate, so that the automatic terminal machine can easily pass through, and the feeding position can be visually inspected Whether it is suitable, if not, adjust it. Use a hexagonal wrench to loosen the feeder locking screw, turn the adjusting rod to adjust until the machine is in normal state, and then tighten the feeder locking screw to start the operation. Test tension: After the adjustment is OK, take the scrap wire and test it, and conduct a tension test. The main reference values are shown in the "Tension Test Comparison Table". The specific operation method is as follows, press the tension test reset button to reset to zero, and set the terminal to be tested The wire is clamped and tested. If the measured tension is not within the standard range, please re-adjust it by the mechanic until it reaches the standard value.

              Jining spot smart terminal machine



              Single-head crimping terminal machine: select plc or single-chip control, servo motor or stepper motor to provide power, the production process does not require manual participation, and the production power is high. Now this type of domestic production The equipment can complete about 5000pcs wire cutting, thin-skinned, single-ended crimping terminals per hour, and can actively detect the crimping quality of the terminals.


              Jining spot smart terminal machine, automatic terminal machine, semi-automatic terminal machine, working principle, diagram, according to requirements, put qualified terminals on the terminal frame, and install the terminal chain head in the correct way Enter the equipment. Confirm that the die of the equipment matches the installed terminals, then adjust the pressure and other parameters of the ultra-quiet terminal machine, and adjust the corresponding position of the terminal chain and the equipment. Take the stripped wire and check for defects, then align the wire with the slot of the terminal machine and the terminal opening, adjust the position, and then step on the foot pedal with your foot to put the terminal on the wire.

              Jining spot smart terminal machine


              Jining spot smart terminal machine automatic terminal machine manual operation: <1> Turn the operation switch to the adjustment position ○1 (POWEROFF) and the motor will not run at this time. <2> Insert the open-end wrench into the main shaft from the rear door, and press the manual button ○2 (ADJUST) to attract the solenoid. <3> The open-end wrench rotates clockwise to drive the main shaft to rotate one round, the main machine slide block moves up and down to complete a stroke, and a terminal is crimped. <4> Keep pressing the manual button ○2 to turn it in place continuously, and then remove the open-end wrench.

              Jining spot smart terminal machine has appeared in the past five years (silent type) terminal machine with server. Its operating principle is different from the above, just a message for the server , This information is then transmitted to the motor, and it becomes an action. Fully automatic terminal machine: As long as the wire is put on, the terminal mold is set up, and the parameters are set in the screen, it can be produced. Terminal machines can be classified into pneumatic terminal machines, terminal machines, ultra-quiet terminal machines, automatic terminal machines, continuous terminal cutting PIN machines, even stripping terminal machines, semi-automatic ultra-quiet terminal machines, wire stripping and terminal machines, terminal blocks Machine, stripping machine, small diamond terminal machine, series motor stator terminal machine, computer wire automatic stripping machine, pin terminal machine, gold wire terminal machine, etc. Pressed terminal

              Single-head twisted wire soldering terminal machine: Choose plc or single-chip microcomputer control, servo motor or stepper motor to provide power, the production process does not require manual participation, and the production power is high. Types of domestic equipment can complete about 4000pcs of wire cutting, thin skin, single-ended crimping terminals per hour, single-ended twisting + bonding flux + tinning, and can actively detect the quality of terminal crimping, which is the degree of automation in the domestic market. One of the high terminal machines.




              Jining spot smart terminal machine terminal machine trial production 10PCS sent to IPQC for the first piece confirmation, the inspection is OK, then mass production can be carried out, the operator must self-check the station during the workshop production process Check whether there is any defects such as rubber encapsulation or neck hanging on the terminal, and conduct a terminal machine tensile test every 1 hour. Multiple inspections can avoid more losses for the enterprise. Thereby strengthening the cost saving of the factory. After finishing the production in the workshop, the good and defective products are sorted out, and the environment around the automatic terminal machine is cleaned up. ——Dongguan Julun Machinery Co., Ltd.

              Jining spot smart terminal machine

              Jining spot smart terminal machine


              Jining spot smart terminal machine terminal refers to a machine used for wire processing. It can press five metal heads to the end of the wire and then conduct. The terminal printed by the terminal is usually for convenient connection. No welding is required, and the two wires can be connected together stably, and only need to be pulled out when disassembling. Dongguan Great Wheel Machinery Co., Ltd. has production terminal machines, you can refer to their information. When we are processing the wires, it is very troublesome if we rely on manual work. After the terminal machine is disconnected from the power supply, if the rotation has not stopped, people are not allowed at this time, so someone invented something that can help us to process the wires. Machine, terminal machine is one of them.

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