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              Contact Person: Miss Wang

              Phone: 15999898070

              Telephone: 0769-87883409

              Email: cl-tk@chulun.com.tw

              Address: Room 101, Building 4, No.8 Qinghe Road, Huangjingkeng, Huangjiang Town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province


              Intelligent terminal machine

              Author:Dongguan julun Machinery Co., Ltd. View:0 Time:2021-07-24

              Smart terminal machine

              Fully automatic terminal machineIt is still a kind of mechanical product that is used more in our lives. It should be understood! Also, because this kind of product is fully automatic, the hours and minutes used are much more convenient, and the work efficiency can be improved a lot, but no matter what it is, we must learn to maintain it when we use it. If it is well maintained, then we use it. It can also extend its use time when it gets up, but what should we pay attention to when we enter the field for maintenance?





              Smart terminal machine, automatic terminal machine, automatic terminal machine or semi-automatic terminal machine, which is more stable? Two kinds of special terminal machines have their own advantages, if you just talk about the stable semi-automatic terminal machine It is more stable than the automatic terminal machine, but the automatic one is more efficient. This also depends on what kind of terminal it is. Dongguan Julun Machinery Co., Ltd. has been working on the terminal machine for decades, and the performance of the automatic terminal machine is still very good. stable. For many cooperative companies, we have been providing them with long-term technical support.

              Smart terminal machine

              Automatic terminal machine maintenance precautions

              1. It is necessary for the staff to clean the machine every day to remove the dust, debris and remaining oil on the surface of the machine.

              What is the reason why Zaozhuang ultra-quiet terminal machine, Julun ultra-quiet terminal machine is always hitting continuously, the special terminal machine often hits continuously, it may be the special terminal machine, the main board of the terminal machine Or if the inverter is broken, you still need to find a professional person to repair it. Dongguan Bochi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wire harness processing equipment. The main products are: automatic terminal crimping machine (single-head/double-head/dip tin), Computer wire cutting, peeling and twisting machine, silent terminal crimping machine, even stripping and tapping silent high-speed terminal machine, terminal machine mold, blade and mechanical accessories and other wire harness processing equipment.



              2. The crimping part of the automatic terminal machine must be added with butter every week, and evenly spread on the surface of the high-speed bearing and around the press block.

              The smart terminal machine removes the wire from the special terminal machine, and checks whether the effect of the terminal on the wire can meet the requirements. If it does not meet the requirements, re-adjust the stripping and crimping machine equipment. After confirming that the specifications and effects meet the requirements, the sample line will be submitted to PQC for inspection. After passing the PQC inspection, mass production will begin. Arrange the wires with the terminals neatly, and tie every 100 wires or every 50 wires together with rubber hoops as required, and then place them neatly in the plastic basin.


              Smart terminal machine failure: the length of the wire cut is inconsistent. A: The wire feed wheel is pressed too tightly or too loosely. Countermeasure: Adjust the straightening machine so that it can be straightened and sent out smoothly. There are two differences between the dedicated terminal machine and the fully automatic terminal machine. The first is the characteristics of the automatic terminal machine: the automatic terminal machine is an automatic machine that integrates wire feeding, wire cutting, stripping, terminal punching and other chemical machinery. The automatic terminal machine was developed and manufactured in Japan as early as, the operator only needs to touch the screen button to send information to the server, and then to the motor. The fully automatic terminal machine can complete all actions such as wire feeding, wire cutting, stripping, and terminal tapping within one second. As a humanized and intelligent high-end technology product, the automatic terminal machine is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises that need to use wire harnesses. It can save a lot of labor and is several times more efficient than semi-automatic terminal machines.

              Smart terminal machine



              3、全自動端子機沖壓導向軌有必要1小時加一次機油光滑加油孔在端子機頂部,每次加油以 2-3 滴為宜不要過多。




              The intelligent terminal machine computer wire cutting machine is mainly used for stripping after cutting the wire harness. I think Dongguan Julun Machinery Co., Ltd. has done a very good job in this regard. In the process of work The computer thread cutting machine encounters a failure is a big test for the staff. If it is not handled in time, it will have a great impact on the production progress of the machine and the product. To ensure that the operation of Dongguan Julun Machinery achieves great value, please refer to The following are the ways to deal with some daily failures of the computer wire cutting machine.

              The daily maintenance precautions of the automatic terminal machine have been introduced here. You can learn more about it, and we should pay more attention to it when we use it. We have better assistance. We should be more careful when using the automatic terminal machine. If you need to buy automatic terminal machines, automatic pipe cutting machines, corrugated pipe cutting machines and other mechanical equipment. Contact us by phone, and we also have punctured terminals, terminal molds, terminal copper strips and other accessories. If you need them, please contact us by phone.


              Intelligent terminal machine specifications processing size: the front end can be set to a length of 0.1-20 mm, the rear end can be set to a length of 0.1-9.9 mm, processing size L≥60 mm, cutting length 999999mm, cutting tolerance ±0.2mm, L=cutting length, crimping terminal: continuous terminal,Stripping and tapping terminal machineThe standard crimping capacity is 1.2ton, and the maximum is 2.5Ton. It will give you a PDF file format command. Control method: digital control. Dimensions 650mmx550mmx1210mm, weight 290kg, input power: single-phase ac200v, AC220V, ac240v50/60Hz 17nl/min0.6mpa, power: static 300W, power/980W Processing line: applicable wire diameter: AWG?12~AWG?32, applicable wire: AV, AVS, AVSS, cavus, kV, KIV, UL, etc.

              Smart terminal machine

              Smart terminal machine


              ?The operator of the stripping terminal machine must undergo professional technical training. After the training is qualified, the operator can work. Before operation, confirm whether the power and air source of the machine are normally connected, and confirm whether the various parts of the stripper and terminal machine are in the normal position. If it is not in the normal position, manually adjust it to return to the normal position; clean up the obstacles around the equipment. Carefully adjust the parameters according to the wire model and save. Before the equipment is running, do not directly press the "Start" button, but press the reset button to reset the equipment first. If the reset button keeps flashing at this time, you can press the "Single Step" button first, and then press the "Reset" button, the flashing will disappear. After the device is reset, press the "Single Step" button and then the "Start" button to make the device run a cycle step by step to check the operation.

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